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The BCX Ultra

The BCX Ultra Rife Machine has been developed with over 30 years studying Rife Frequencies. 

Judy Erwin, Teacher and BCX Distributor

Judy Erwin is a gifted medical intuitive who has gained a lifetime of experience with alternative healing, most significantly her research into the uses of Rife Frequency Technology. She has delved into its many applications for health issues to include the balancing of energy fields and consciousness expansion.

Her extensive knowledge and grounded approach stem from decades of research as well as overcoming her own serious health issues with the use of Advanced Frequency Technology. She has shown many people how to regain optimum health and vitality by combining exercise and good nutrition with the specific frequencies in this form of Vibrational Medicine.

Judy and Rife BCX Ultra are here to plug you into the healing frequencies designed to raise the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vibrational level of each individual on the planet Earth.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration” – Nicola Tesla

Judy’s Story

 Judy has over 40 years of working with alternative therapy medicine. She practiced homeopathy, herbs and energy medicine and she was on a raw food vegan for 18 years. She was doing everything she could to take care of her health and with all that she believed she would never get sick.

But then she got very ill. She spent almost 5 years in a very bad space and for 2 years she was close to death. She lost many of her motor skills, had all the symptoms of MS, and more problems than you can imagine anyone could have.

The furthest thing from her mind was a machine. She had the best alternative treatments, but nothing was working until she got to a radio frequency device. It was a much earlier model of the BCX Ultra, she sells now. The radio frequencies were able to get into her brain and central nervous system and help clear out all the pathogens that were making her so sick.

She found out the disease she had was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and until this day, it is still considered 98% lethal.

The Rife Machine saved and transformed her life.

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